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Sapphire® Spanish Metal Tile Roofing

Sapphire® tile panels are a graceful and durable roofing material, suitable for most pitched roof applications.They combine the traditional look of clay or concrete tiles with the latest in innovative materials.

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Sapphire Spanish Clay Metal Tile

Sapphire® panels are made from sheet metal which is galvanized on both sides, then painted with several protective layers, which ensures durability. The final coating is Kynar 500®, the best paint system in the industry.

Sapphire® is one of the most light-weight roofing materials available, eliminating the need for a heavy roof support structure. The weight of the material is particularly important for re-roofing old buildings, since lightweight metal panels do not require reinforcing the supporting structures. One roofing square (10’ x 10’) of Sapphire® weighs 96 lb., which is about 1/10th the weight of clay tiles.

Sapphire Profile
  • 43-5/16" width coverage
  • Cut to the inch from 3' to 20'
  • Installs over decking/plywood
  • Gauge: 26ga
  • Finish: Kynar 500® Paint
  • Warranty: 50 years
  • Minimum roof slope 3:12

16 Different Colors

We offer Sapphire® in 16 colors, featuring Kynar 500® baked on enamel paint finishes.

120 MPH Wind resistance

The higher barrels allow Sapphire® to maintain control in 120 mile-per-hour winds, obtaining some of the best wind ratings available.

Sapphire Metal Tile Roof
Class A Fire Rated

As will all of our metal roofing materials, when properly installed Sapphire® Metal Tile panels carry a Class A fire rating, as they are non-combustible and will not support a fire in any circumstance.

ENERGY STAR® Rated Throughout

Every single Sapphire® color is Energy Star® rated for superior reflectivity and energy savings.

True Spanish Tile Look

Compare any Sapphire® Tile roof to the real thing, and you may have a difficult time determining which is the real thing. The incredible stamping process produces a true-to-life tile look, offering the clay appearance without all the extensive weight requirements.

Red Sapphire Tile Roof
Invest in Your Roof

Sapphire® not only looks great, it will also improve the value of your home. With a 50 year warranty, and great curb appeal, consider investing in a quality Sapphire® roof today.

Ease of Installation

Because Sapphire® is designed in full length panels from ridge to eave, Sapphire® installs more quickly than most other metal tile roofing, and far faster than traditional clay roofing.

Quality Roofing Finished off Right

Best Buy Metal Roofing provides a wide variety of necessary accessories to compliment Sapphire®, including ridge tiles, rake, eave, touch-up paint, screws and other accessories.

Best Buy Metal Roofing's staff is there to help you, whether you are roofing a small garage, large home, or building of any type. Let us work with you on your project to figure out what you need.

Sapphire Colors
Sapphire 1 Sapphire 2
Sapphire 3 Sapphire 4
Sapphire 5 Sapphire 6
Sapphire 7 Sapphire 8
Trim Profiles


Energy Star Certificate (PDF File)

All of our Sapphire colors are Energy Star® Rated, reflectivity 25-67% of the sun's rays, and saving you on your electric bills.


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