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Metro Stone Coated Metal Roofing

With a heart of 26 gauge steel, Metro roofing materials are then coated with several layers of protection, including a beautiful stone chip layer that gives Metro it's unique look. Metro is available in metal tile, shake, and shingle profiles for a great variety.

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Metro Roof Products

The key to Metro Roofing is the granular stone chip coating. These stone chips are embedded into an acrylic coat, and then a clear acrylic coating is applied for extra durability.

These color chips are blended in various quantities for a highly realistic natural look. The stone chips give a feel and look most realistic to other types of roofing, while at the same time giving Metro products the best grip available out of all types of metal roofing.

All four styles of Metro carry a 50 year warranty; covering manufacturing defects, hail, and wind. In addition, they also carry a 25 year appearance warranty. Each warranty cover both labor and materials.

Metro Roofing Profiles
  • Coverage Size:
    • Metro Roman - 14.5" x 48"
    • Metro Tile - 14.5" x 50"
    • Metro Shake - 14.5" x 49.5"
    • Metro Shingle - 9.75" x 50"
    • Metro Cottage - 14" x 47.5"
  • Installs over decking/plywood
    • (Roman, Tile, and Shake profiles can also be installed over wood battens)
  • Gauge: 26ga
  • Finish: Stone chip
  • Warranty: 50 years
  • Minimum roof slope 2.5:12

Metro Roof Products

Metro offers five unique roof profiles in a stone-coated steel roofing system, that ranges from the graceful curves of Metro Tile, to the deep wood grain of Metro Shake, the sleek low-profile finish of Metro Shingle, the cobblestone appearance of Metro Cottage, or the timeless beauty of Metro Roman Tile all of which create a strong, weather-tight, environmentally-friendly metal roof system that will beautify and protect virtually any property for years to come.

Metro Roman Tile
Metro Roman Tile

Metro Roman Tile creates the timeless look of true Mediterranean tile without the excessive weight. At only 1.5 lbs./sq. ft. it’s one of the lightest roofing tiles on the market today. With a heart of steel, coated by an advanced stone granule coating, Metro Roman offers the best protection for your home.

Roman Tile allows you to choose the look that’s right for your home and it won’t curl, break or burn and is virtually maintenance free.

The blending of Stone on Steel creates a tough barrier against the elements, offering long-life performance and protection for your home — Metro Roman Tile.

Available in 7 stone chip finishes.

Metro Tile
Metro Tile

Timeless Mediterranean Style with today’s advanced materials.

Are you looking for attractive Mediterranean styling combined with the latest material advantage? Metro Tile II Mediterranean is a great choice. Standard tile roofs can be heavy, fragile, and costly to maintain. MetroTile II Mediterranean has the graceful curves of classic tile, with the lightness and strength of stone-coated steel.

Each panel is pressformed with the graceful scalloped curves that simulate low-profile tile and create an exceptionally lightweight, strong and secure steel roof covering to suit any property — Metro Tile.

Available in 6 stone chip finishes.

Metro Shake
Metro Shake

The classic rustic style of wood shake roofing in lightweight high-strength steel.

Metro Shake™-II is a batten-less design that is revolutionizing the re-roofing industry. Each panel is forged with deep wood grain impressions to suit any architectural style.

Metro's advanced coating technology and unique design eliminates the costly wood battens allowing for faster install times. A Metro Shake™-II roof gives you the charm of wood shake without the associated problems of splitting, warping or increased fire risk — Metro Shake.

Available in 8 stone chip finishes.

Metro Shingle
Metro Shingle

Do you need a crisp, clean look with unequalled high-tech durability? Metro Shingle provides that and more. Sleek Metro Shingle roofing panels provide the cleanest roof lines with the incredible strength of modern stone-coated steel. Traditional shingle roofing can weather and separate after a few years and are vulnerable to high winds.

Incredibly strong, Metro Shingle will easily outlast and outperform standard shingle roofs and are backed by a 50 year material warranty. That means total security for your home or business from the top down. MetroShingle panels come in designer colors that will enhance the appearance and durability of your home — Metro Shingle.

Available in 7 stone chip finishes.

Metro Cottage Shingle
Metro Cottage

Metro Cottage Shingle is a stone-coated steel shingle that uses contrasting stone chip colors to provide a multi-blend accent effect to suit almost any architecture. Each panel incorporates an industry first off-set, multi-grooved, deep weather, side-lap with Hi-Lo panel surface to create a classic cottage look.

Metro Cottage Shingle is a much thicker cut shingle vs Metro Shingle, with deep shingle lines for an installation that enhances the look of your home

For a unique cottage cobblestone roof look — Metro Cottage.

Available in 6 stone chip finishes.

Metro Roof Products Colors
Metro Roman Tile Photos
Metro Roman Tile 1 Metro Roman Tile 2
Metro Roman Tile 3 Metro Roman Tile 4
Metro Roman Tile 5 Metro Roman Tile 6
Metro Roman Tile 7 Metro Roman Tile 8
Metro Roman Tile 9 Metro Roman Tile 10
Metro Tile Photos
Metro Tile 1 Metro Tile 2
Metro Tile 3 Metro Tile 4
Metro Tile 5 Metro Tile 6
Metro Tile 7 Metro Tile 8
Metro Tile 9 Metro Tile 10
Metro Shake Photos
Metro Shake 1 Metro Shake 2
Metro Shake 3 Metro Shake 4
Metro Shake 5 Metro Shake 6
Metro Shake 7 Metro Shake 8
Metro Shake 9 Metro Shake 10
Metro Shingle Photos
Metro Shingle 1 Metro Shingle 2
Metro Shingle 3 Metro Shingle 4
Metro Shingle 5 Metro Shingle 6
Metro Shingle 7 Metro Shingle 8
Metro Shingle 9 Metro Shingle 10
Metro Cottage Photos
Metro Cottage Shingle 1 Metro Cottage Shingle 2
Metro Cottage Shingle 3 Metro Cottage Shingle 4
Metro Cottage Shingle 5 Metro Cottage Shingle 6
Metro Cottage Shingle 7 Metro Cottage Shingle 8
Metro Cottage Shingle 9 Metro Cottage Shingle 10

Installation - Metro Roman Tile (PDF File)

Installation - Metro Tile (PDF File)

Installation - Metro Shake (PDF File)

Installation - Metro Shingle (PDF File)

Installation - Metro Cottage (PDF File)

All of the installation guides above are based on installing without battens. Metro Roman, Tile, and Shake can also be installed over wood battens. If you plan to install one of these products over battens, please ask us for an installation guide that is specific to installation over battens.

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