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We have gutter roll-formers for both 5" and 6" gutter profiles, offering high quality aluminum gutters to meet every need. Whether you are looking for the most popular white to trim out your home, or a variety of other colors, we can meet your needs.

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3' Metal Roofing

On site or produced here, our gutters are strong, durable, graceful. We work with both homeowners and contractors to provide gutters that last.

Made from non-corrosive aluminum, then baked on paint, our "K" style gutters can be made in any length you need for a perfect fit in one long run.

Fast Turnaround

We stock 5" and 6" aluminum gutter coil in white, with same or next day capabilities. A great variety of colors are also available, usually just adding a couple more days to that time frame.

Need Accessories?

We stock a complete line of gutter accessories, including downspouts, elbows, gutter guards, endcaps and more.

Best Buy Metal Roofing's staff is there to help you, on small or large gutter projects, we'll be glad to be of service. Let us work with you on your project to figure out what you need.

Trim Profiles
Installing Aluminum Gutters

Installing New Gutters
By Shawna L. Krautheim

When one thinks about restoration and fix-it tasks around the home, a commonly overlooked and yet often necessary replacement is the household gutters. Frequently neglected, gutters can rust and corrode from plant debris, and sometimes the damage done is so extensive that it is easier to simply replace rather than repair them. Sound like too complicated a task? Just follow these easy, step-by-step instructions on how to replace your household storm gutters.

1. Map Out Your Gutter Run. Before you make any gutter purchases, make a map of your home, and of the current gutter system that is installed. Determine the length of the gutter run, how many downspouts your system will require, and how long those downspouts will need to be. If your old gutter system worked well, you may find it easiest to simply copy that exact system and replace it with a new one, keeping the old downspouts in the same area, etc. Write out all of your measurements and needed items, prior to leaving for the local hardware store.

2. Chalk It Up. If your gutter run is 35 feet or less, the highest point of your run is going to be at one end, and it will then slope downwards to where the downspout is. Look for the high point to be an inch down from the top of the fascia (this is the board that the gutters are attached to). The slope should ideally be 1/4 inch for every 10 feet of gutter run.

If the run is more than 35 feet in length, you will find that the high point will be at the center of the run, with slopes leading to the downspouts on either side. Once again, you should discover that the high point will be located an inch down from the top of the fascia and the slopes should be gradient with a 1/4 inch slope for every 10 feet. Having someone hold one end of the gutter, you should hold the other at the appropriate angle and snap a chalk like so that you will have a guide to follow when you go to put up the new gutters.

3. Install Downspout Outlets. Using 1 1/4 inch deck screws, attach your downspout outlets. Even with the chalk line and attaching at the end of the house, these outlets will be close to but not at the extreme end of the run (remember that the roof extends out over the house). Ensure that these are firmly attached and then move on to the next step.

4. Hang the Gutter Hangers. The gutter hangers should be attached to the fascia every 24 inches using the 1 1/4 inch deck screws. Fastened about 1 inch away from the ends of the roof, these hangers offer the gutters a form of support. Make sure that you leave room at the ends of the supports for the gutter caps and also ensure that you have followed the chalk line, in order to maintain the proper angles.

5. Cover the Gutter Corners. If your corners don't have a downspout and aren't located at the end of the run, you will want to cover these joints with gutter covers. These will prevent water from leaking out where it should not, preventing unnecessary damage and prolonging the life of your gutters.

6. Cutting Gutters. Using a hacksaw, carefully cut your gutter sections so that they fit between the downspout outlet and the end of your roof. Put the cap over the end and snap the section into the outlet for the downspout, then hook the gutter onto the hangers. Remember that your gutter sections start from the middle of the downspout outlet and be sure to follow your chalk lines.

7. Bring It Together. From the ground, connect your gutter sections. This is a very simple step - using special connectors, these sections will easily match up and then will just snap into the gutter sections. For best results, have someone to help you support the gutters as you hang them.

8. The Drain Pipes. For your downspouts, you will want to cut a piece of drainpipe so that it will fit between the downspout elbow joint on the outlet and the one on the wall. Putting the elbows on the pipe, then snap it onto the outlet and, using a drainpipe hanger, be sure to secure the other elbow onto the wall. Then cut another piece of drainpipe, this one designed to fit between the wall elbow and hang down to approximately one foot above the ground. Snap the drain pipe into the wall and then attach another new elbow joint down by the ground. Fasten a hanger for your drain pipe here and, after cutting an appropriate length of pipe, attach it to this joint to funnel the water away from the side of your home (this piece may be as long or as short as you would like).

Hanging gutters may seem like a perplexing and difficult home repair but, when these easy tips are followed, the job is surprisingly simple and can easily be accomplished in a short amount of time. For best results and for safety's sake, it's always best to have someone work with you. In fact, the light weight materials make this a good family project that can be accomplished over a weekend. Give it a try - it's easy!

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