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ArrowLine® Shake & Slate Shingles

Highly popular steel shingles which simulate wood shakes and natural hand hewn slate roofing materials. ArrowLine carries a lifetime warranty, and features top quality Kynar 500® paint finishes.

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ArrowLine Roofing

Forged from steel, galvanized, then coated with a Kynar 500® paint finish, our ArrowLine® products are sophistication defined.

Four different options are available, including standard slate, enhanced slate, standard shake, and enhanced shake.

The standard slate and shake are solid colors for a crisp defined look. Enhanced slate and shake feature a more randomized paint finish, for a more realistic, rough around the edges look.

ArrowLine Shake and Slate Roofing Profiles
  • 50" wide x 12" high coverage
  • Installs over decking/plywood
  • Gauges: 28ga on slate, 30ga on shake
  • Finish: Kynar 500® Paint
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Minimum roof slope 4:12
  • Energy Star® rated

Stunning Looks

Look at an ArrowLine® slate or shake roof, and you will find it hard to believe it is a steel product.

The rough edged slate and deep shake features are amoung the most realistic in the industry.

The paint finishes, especially the blended "enhanced" colors add a depth to the look, providing an additional realistic factor. If you want the performance of a steel roof with the look of slate or shake roofing, ArrowLine® may just be your cup of tea.

ArrowLine Slate Roof
No Sacrificing Performance

ArrowLine carries a lifetime warranty, covering the paint finish, hail perforation, and fire. This warranty covers not only the materials, but also labor should you have an issue with your roof. See the warranty for complete details.

4-Way Interlocking System Outperforms 160 MPH Winds

That's right. ArrowLine® feaures a patented 4-way interlocking system which not only allows the system to be watertight, but also allows it to outlast up to 160 MPH winds.

This system ulitizes hidden panel clips to attach the panels, which can be either screwed or nailed into place.

ArrowLine Shake Roof
Save on Utility Costs - Energy Star® Rated

Every single ArrowLine® color is Energy Star® rated, offering a highly efficient roofing product. Even the darker colors feature paint that is cool enough to meet the government's stringent reflectance values.


We offer 19 colors in ArrowLine Shake®, and 7 colors in ArrowLine Slate®, including copper color, charcoal gray, green, and more.

Matching Trims & Accessories

ArrowLine® has a full line of matching accessories such as clips, ridge caps, gables, fasteners, and vent boots. These are just a few of the items we can provide to finish your ArrowLine® Slate or Shake project.

Best Buy Metal Roofing's staff is there to help you, whether you are roofing a small garage, large home, or building of any type. Let us work with you on your project to figure out what you need.

Blended/Enhanced Slate Colors

Click on the photos below for a high-resolution image.

Charcoal Gray - Enhanced Slate Color

Charcoal Gray - Blended

Classic Red - Enhanced Slate Color

Classic Red - Blended

Stone - Enhanced Slate Color

Stone - Blended

Standard Slate Colors
Stone - ArrowLine Slate Color


Charcoal Gray - ArrowLine Slate Color

Charcoal Gray

Classic Red - ArrowLine Slate Color

Classic Red

Hartford Green - ArrowLine Slate Color

Hartford Green

Blended/Enhanced Shake Colors

Click on the photos below for a high-resolution image.

Charcoal Gray - Enhanced Shake Color

Charcoal Gray

Hartford Green - Enhanced Shake Color

Hartford Green

Royal Brown - Enhanced Shake Color

Royal Brown

T-Tone - Enhanced Shake Color


Standard Shake Colors
Cedar - ArrowLine Shake Color


Sandtone - ArrowLine Shake Color


Pewter - ArrowLine Shake Color


Charcoal Gray - ArrowLine Shake Color

Charcoal Gray

T-Tone - ArrowLine Shake Color


Statuary Bronze - ArrowLine Shake Color

Statuary Bronze

Classic Red - ArrowLine Shake Color

Classic Red

Copper Color - ArrowLine Shake Color

Copper Color

Classic Blue - ArrowLine Shake Color

Classic Blue

Royal Brown - ArrowLine Shake Color

Royal Brown

Hartford Green - ArrowLine Shake Color

Hartford Green





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ArrowLine 7 ArrowLine 10
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ArrowLine 11 ArrowLine 12
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Trim Profiles


Energy Star Certificate (PDF File)

Test Data Report for ArrowLine Energy Star® Qualified Products (PDF File)

All of our ArrowLine colors are Energy Star® Rated, with reflectivity from 25-65% saving you on your electric bills.


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